Gmail can be more awesome!!!

Hailo Gmail Team,

I have been using Gmail since many years now and I can not resist myself saying that I love it like Hell. You can imagine my love by the fact that I have imported my office emails into my gmail account even though my employer does not allow me. Like others I really admire the new look unveiled recently, but too much space taken by search bar and toobar nettles me (as well as others hopefully).

Gmail now looks more social with the new design. Hail Gmail Team.

Here is my version of Gmail+.

I’ll be thrilled If Gmail Team implements it.
I am writing a chrome extension for this. Stay Tuned!!!


Meanwhile, I have written a chrome extension which is available in the chrome webstore. If anybody is interested to try it out.

download it from here.

If you found any issues, please feel free to send in mail at amit[dot]2006[dot]it[at]gmail[dot]com

Now it works with Google Calendar too!!! 


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