• The achievments and the complements are two deadly combinations.They can make you nothing from everything.
    Amit Gharat
  • Nothing is creative unless and until it sells.
  • When Windows boots, it Sucks. When its not, it F**ks.
    Amit Gharat
  • Facebook has a major capability to waste your time.
    Amit Gharat


  • Do not be afraid to try new things. The only way to learn is to use it.
  • There is nothing special ingredient, you just have to believe.
    Kung Fu Panda’s Dad
  • Not everyone can become a great programmer but a great programmer can come from anyone.
    Amit Gharat
  • The best way to be ready for the future is to invent it.
    Alan Kay
  • The important thing is not to stop questioning.
    Albert Einstein
  • Be professional the way you work not the way you walk.
    Amit Gharat
  • It’s not what you do, It’s how you do it, matters most.
    Amit Gharat
  • Be like a porn star, Give more than what you can when shot is ready.
    Amit Gharat
  • If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.
    Ratan Naval Tata
  • In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to their level of incompetence.
    Dr. Laurence J. Peter
  • Whenever we find the key to success,
    Some idiot changes the lock..
    So forget the key…
    Learn to break the doors..!

  • What else you want when you have Google!!!
    Amit Gharat
  • No decision is wrong until you compare its outcome with another.
    Amit Gharat
  • Mirror is not the only way you can look at yourself.
    Amit Gharat
  • It’s not your designation but what you do, defines you!
    Amit Gharat
  • माँ बाप का नाम रोशन करने के चक्कर में उनकी सेवा करना ना भूलना।
    Amit Gharat
  • Nothing is right or wrong in this world. Only context makes it so.
    Amit Gharat
  • Agile methodology is not about “doing it fast and delivering shit”.
    Amit Gharat
  • Always remember that someone has been working hard for you, so do the same for someone else. This applies to you at home as well as corporate.
    Amit Gharat

7 thoughts on “Quotes

  1. number 7 sounds like Alan Kay, thanks for introducing me to Amit Gharat, any inspiration into the unknown is much appreciated.

  2. All of your quotes (by Amit Gharat) are interesting and inspiring…Really great to be part of this blog.

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