Barepress: A chrome extension to write a blog post in wordpress without distracted UI

I myself found UI very distracting in WordPress at the time of writing a blog post and the full screen mode of an editor does not help much, so I decided to write a chrome extension named Barepress to simply hide the left navigation bar and right panel on demand, and make the editor occupy the entire screen keeping the default toolbar as it is unlike the full screen mode in an editor.

See a demo or Install Barepress

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“Your browser cannot support how fast and awesome GT Racing: Motor Racing” error on Google+

This is really an awesome game to play but Is this error ruining all your excitement???

GT Racing
GT Racing

 Remember, every problem has a solution: 
1. Close all the running instances of Google Chrome.
2. Goto your Terminal and create a new instance.
google-chrome –ignore-gpu-blacklist

Gmail can be more awesome!!!

Hailo Gmail Team,

I have been using Gmail since many years now and I can not resist myself saying that I love it like Hell. You can imagine my love by the fact that I have imported my office emails into my gmail account even though my employer does not allow me. Like others I really admire the new look unveiled recently, but too much space taken by search bar and toobar nettles me (as well as others hopefully).

Gmail now looks more social with the new design. Hail Gmail Team.

Here is my version of Gmail+.

I’ll be thrilled If Gmail Team implements it.
I am writing a chrome extension for this. Stay Tuned!!!


Meanwhile, I have written a chrome extension which is available in the chrome webstore. If anybody is interested to try it out.

download it from here.

If you found any issues, please feel free to send in mail at amit[dot]2006[dot]it[at]gmail[dot]com

Now it works with Google Calendar too!!!