Power Searching with Google Certification

A few days back (July 2012) I had participated into Power Searching with Google course and upon completing it successfully I received a fancy certificate. The course was really useful for me as It changed the way I was using Google Search before.

Becoming a good searcher is always helpful.

Power Searching with Google Certification
Power Searching with Google Certification
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Anybody wearing Google Glass = Nick Fury

I believe that Google Glass is still in its infancy but one day it will make everybody Nick Fury… ROTFLMAO!!!

Anybody wearing Google Glass = Nick Fury
Anybody wearing Google Glass = Nick Fury
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How embedded YouTube videos can drive more traffic to Google+

These days most of the web-pages have youtube videos embedded but there is no easy way to share it on Google Plus. So, I believe that this is the salient way to drive more traffic to Google+ via embedded YouTube videos anywhere on the web even on Facebook  🙂

Hail Google+ Team

Youtube and G+
Youtube and G+

Gmail can be more awesome!!!

Hailo Gmail Team,

I have been using Gmail since many years now and I can not resist myself saying that I love it like Hell. You can imagine my love by the fact that I have imported my office emails into my gmail account even though my employer does not allow me. Like others I really admire the new look unveiled recently, but too much space taken by search bar and toobar nettles me (as well as others hopefully).

Gmail now looks more social with the new design. Hail Gmail Team.

Here is my version of Gmail+.

I’ll be thrilled If Gmail Team implements it.
I am writing a chrome extension for this. Stay Tuned!!!


Meanwhile, I have written a chrome extension which is available in the chrome webstore. If anybody is interested to try it out.

download it from here.

If you found any issues, please feel free to send in mail at amit[dot]2006[dot]it[at]gmail[dot]com

Now it works with Google Calendar too!!! 

Chromeshelf – A chrome extension to keep track of ebooks you want to read.

Do you have a habit to read ebooks?

Do you make a collection of ebooks on your Hard Disk?

Did you forget the name of the book you were reading last week and unable to find it in the collection?

Do not remember the ebook you had downloaded yesterday?

If your answer is yes for all the above questions, then you are facing the same problem that i was facing before writing this chrome extension.
Here is the chrome extension to your rescue!!! Please watch the video to know why and how to use it.

Click here to Download the extension!!!


Many of us do not like to view the pdf file in built-in PDF viewer. If you want to enable your PDF Reader, follow the instructions given below:


You can now download the source code too!!!