Hurrey!!! Got a new SAMSUNG R528 Notebook

Hello friends, back again…

Recently i have got my first laptop. It’s a great feeling to work on it. That’s why, I am here to share the reviews and the specifications of it.

Few Characteristics:

  • Wide Screen Display – Really good for development
  • Smooth keypad – helps to type faster
  • Last but not the least, Very Fast (pronounce it the way Chatur Ramlingam does in 3 idiots :D)

Applications I use:

  • O.S. – Kubuntu
  • Web Browsers – Firefox, Google Chrome & Opera Browser
  • Media Players – VLC, mplayer, Amarok, Juk & Rhythmbox
  • IDE – Geany (Kaine), Dreamweaver 8.0 on wine, Kdevelop & Qt Creator
  • IM – Kopete

Screen shot & Specifications:

Samsung R528
Samsung R528


There are some brightness issues with samsung notebook. If you face the same fate, i have some workaround for you.

codef0rmer@codef0rmer:~$ sudo aptitude install samsung-tools samsung-backlight
After installation, try using your function keys and UP or DOWN arrow keys to change your brightness accordingly.


Open /boot/grub/menu.lst file in an editor and locate a line that starts with kernal, and put acpi_backlight=vendor at the end of the line.
e.g. kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-24-generic root=UUID=ef738292-5eee-41fe-ad7c-79385dd0b2f3 ro quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor
and reboot the system.


codef0rmer@codef0rmer:~$ sudo setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=29
Where 29 can be 00 to FF

I hope, you would like the updates. Cheers!!!